What is 4Bee.co?

4Bee is an website design and eCommerce platform where seller can use to build their online store with our powerful eCommerce tools. With our marketplaces sync apps, all your products and orders on your online store will be synchronized with all the online marketplaces.

Is 4bee.co free to use?

We have a free Trial which allows you to create your online store with 4Bee and integrate products into Facebook Store Page. To access to more advance features, you may sign up to our subscription plan base on your needs.

Do I need to know computer programming to use 4Bee.co?

No, you do not need to know any computer programming. 4bee has a user-friendly interface and pre-built with professional online store templates for you to choose from. Absulately no programming skills is required!

How much does it cost to use 4bee.co?

We have four different pricing plans for our customers to choose from. Please <a href=”https://4bee.co/join/”>Click Here</a> to check our pricing plans

Is there a trial period for the paid plan?

Yes. 4bee.co offers 3 days free trial for our All Plans. In this 3 days, you will have full access to all our features. No Credit Card is required when you sign up for our free trial.

Can I have multiple online stores with one account?

No. Each account is only allowed to create one online store. Alternatively, you may create another 4bee.co account with a new email address.

How can I choose my online store domain?

All online store are hosted with 4bee.co sub-domain. For example if your online store name is STORENAME, then your online store URL will be “https://STORENAME.4bee.co/”

All Plans, you may use your own domain. (Domain is included in the plan.)

How can I pay 4bee.co?

We accept payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or Knet.

How do I change my plan?

This can be easily done on your Account Page once you’re logged into your account. Simply select your new plan and follow the steps accordingly

How can I delete my account?

This can be done on your Account Page once you’re logged into your account. Simply click on “Delete Account” and follow the procedures accordingly.

Please note: Once your account has been deleted, all data will be deleted as well. Future subscription will require you to re-create your online store.

What if I have a dispute or query about my subscription?

Feel free to reach us via our support system.

How can I request for refund?

4bee.co does not provide any refunds once subscription has been paid.

How can I cancel my subscription?

This can be easily done on your Account Page once you’re logged into your account. Simply click on “Cancel Payment Method”.

Please note: If you cancel your payment method and did not update a new payment method, all data in your account will be deleted after the expiration date of your current subscription.


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Why we are here?

We are so excited and proud of our product. It’s really easy to create a landing page and ecommerce for your awesome website.

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